est. 2005
Fairport Convention, Wizz Jones, Steve Tilston, Pentangle, Steve Knightley, Martyn Joseph, Uiscedwr, Alan Prosser, Steve Ashley, St Agnes Fountain, Ben Marwood, Oxygen Thief, Ahab, Inlay, Little Johnny England, Spiers & Boden, Chris While & Julie Matthews, ColvinQuarmby, annA rideR, Ric Sanders Group, Fred T Baker, Ella Edmundson, Jezz Lowe and the Bad Pennies, Martha Tilston, Meet on the Ledge, Bob Fox, Billy Mitchell, David Hughes, Helen Watson, Jezz Hall, Andy Whittle, Ashley Hutchings, Dave Pegg, Anthony John Clarke, Chris Leslie, Kevin Dempsey, Joe Broughton, Swarb's Lazarus, The Dylan Project, PJ Wright, Songs from the Blue House, Mick Thomas, Gigspanner, Hilary James & Simon Mayor, Vikki Clayton, Rod Clements, Fake Thackray, Judy Dyble, Kiaran Goss, Jigantics, Gerry Colvin.

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