A message from Mike.

Thank you for looking at our web site. We started this venture in 2005 with several aims which we've managed to fulfil with knobs on! We only book people we like, which isn't difficult because, between us, we have an eclectic taste from Jenny's fiddly diddly to my Nu-Folk and sweary stuff. We don't want to make a profit because we want the cash we raise to go into live music and its sustainability. We have a professional sound system and Gareth makes everyone sound good. Although we are not a folk club our gig night volunteers make the Farnsfield Acoustic night out an experience well worth giving up Saturday night TV for (but you may need to record Strictly).

I'd like to grow this web site by using your comments and suggestions to move us forward. I need your reviews and photos of our gigs so I can feature a Friends Page and a Gallery. I need your ideas for future bookings because we want to stay fresh and keep the music coming.

Please send your emails to and I'll put them up here. Meanwhile, our new season is about to begin. Please enjoy and keep the music live!

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